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Current Mortgage Refinance Rates

FHA loan rates - How do I find current loan rates? Well, you found them. We are constantly browsing available resources in the press and on the internet, consult with banks and mortgage companies to bring you the most recent information available when it comes to home loan mortgage refinance.

Mortgage Rates
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Current mortgage refinance rates are shown in the mortgage rate chart right here and also include the past 30 days to give you some idea how the rates developed.

FHA Rates undergo a constant change and it is advisable that you find a lender who will lock in your rate for 30 days - longer if possible. The advantage of this is that your rate is 'guaranteed' for the lock-in period and can actually be adjusted to a better rate if the loan rates change to your advantage.

Each lender deals with this differently, so shop around and find the right partner for you.

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