Loan Modification Scams

These days Loan Modification Scams are unfortunately part of the life of hard-working home owners trying to stay in their homes. As much as Loan Modification Programs have been discussed in recent times, companies doing business in not so proper ways are on the rise as well and so is loan modification fraud.

In the meantime it is not uncommon to see almost 75% of the loan modification companies out there being scam artists or involved in fraudulent activities.

Loan modifications are in high demand right now. This makes it easy for scammers to lure innocent people who usually will end up victims. Many lose their homes and the fee they invested for mitigation services. Even worse, many of these struggling homeowners entrust their last dime to an outside source who is supposed to help them instead of ripping them off.

This is why it is important homeowners take the necessary steps to ensure they have hired a trusted Attorney or Loan Modification Company to deliver favorable results. This will also improve the state of our economy, because more people will be able to remain in their homes.

These said Loan modification companies often attempt to scam borrowers by accepting money or fees for loan modification services and then rejecting any type of loan modification that is plausible for the borrower, or imply minimal work on a file and do not implement negotiating tactics. Meaning they will get a package together for you, submit it to the lender, and accepts whatever the lender which will end up in less favorable results for the homeowner.

The best way to avoid Loan modification scams is to Retain an Attorney. Licensed Attorneys have a threatening presence in front of the lender and experienced in analysis and arbitration necessary to reach a fair agreement. You also are protected with the Attorney/Client Privilege which means everything is confidential.

Here are a few 'red flags' you may want to keep in mind:

  • Huge upfront fees
  • Virtual Company
  • No application process
  • Not listed with the Better Business Bureau or any other trusted source

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