HSBC Loan Modification

If you are interested in a HSBC Loan Modification, assuming you have a mortgage loan with HSBC and are having difficulties making your monthly payment, there may be ways to improve your situation. On this page we put some tips together that can help you to get started with the process and find help reducing your HSBC loan.

Tips for a quick Loan Modification Process:

Here are some tips that will help your loan modification application to get approved quickly.

  • You have to prepare the financial statements which must include all the incomes and expenses. As the lender will have all the records of your bank statements, you should not leave anything that can result in denial of your modification application.
  • You must have enough money to apply for new lower modified payment. For this, you must check your financial statements properly.
  • Prepare a family budget excluding all the unnecessary expenses to determine what an affordable payment could be. Make that payment your priority to negotiate with the Loan Modification department.
  • The important thing is to present a hardship letter to qualify for the loan modification. This letter will help you to get your application approve quickly.
  • Write a convincing hardship letter describing all the circumstances and steps you have taken to correct it. A brief description must be given with their verified proofs. It is the element of a compelling hardship letter.
  • Remember all the information that you will give to the agency must be real. If they will find something wrong, the loan application would get rejected immediately by them.
  • You must calculate the debt-ratio which will help you to complete loan modification application and qualify it properly.
  • Don't talk to the collection department about your loan modification request until you contact the loss mitigation department to ask for payment.

Make sure that the information you are giving to the lenders is complete and accurate for your HSBC loan modification application package. Your loan will be successfully approved, if you follow these steps properly.

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BEWARE! Before you contact HSBC, you need to understand how the Loan Modification process works, what HSBC needs to see in order to approve your loan modification application, and how to complete the financial forms properly. You must be able to present a compelling and acceptable snapshot of your current financial situation, and explain how you will be able to afford the new, lower payments if the HSBC Loan Modification is accepted.

Through the Federal Loan Modification Program President Obama had offered $1000 incentive for home owners that opt for Loan Modification instead of Short Sale Or Foreclosure. Please double-check, if this option is still valid.

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