FHA Interest Rates

FHA Interest Rates and FHA Loan Rates are used interchangeably. Therefore we put some charts up that show you the current FHA loan rates. Just go to our FHA Loan rates page and bookmark the site, so you have access to the most current mortgage rates whenever you need them.

Usually, compared to conventional loans, FHA loans offer low interest rates, no down payment options, and lower closing costs. Often it may be easier to qualify for a FHA loan because the FHA guarantees the loan to the lender in case the buyer defaults. However, to qualify for a FHA loan you have to fulfill certain FHA Loan Requirements that were established by the Federal Housing Administration.

Credit score and credit history are always a topic for borrowers as well as lenders and although borrowers must have decent credit to obtain a FHA mortgage loan, FHA still offers leniency when it comes to credit scores. A borrower’s credit score can be as low as 580 in order to take advantage of FHA’s low 3.5% down-payment option. You will have higher closing costs (APR) because the upfront mortgage insurance premium and other applicable FHA fees are charged to the borrower. With all of the benefits offered and housing prices still decreasing, low FHA mortgage rates are still putting borrowers into homes at a reasonable cost.

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